October Competition: “Weird Saisons” 2021

October Competition: “Weird Saisons” 2021

It’s that time of year! We’ll be holding our annual-ish Weird Saison competition on Sunday, October 24th. Check the club email for more details.

The “Weird Saison” competition is a Post Modern Brewers tradition. It’s an opportunity for our members to experiment with strange new ingredients or brewing techniques. Go ahead and boil a lobster in your wort! Smoke some peaches on the grill and throw ’em in the fermentor! Try brewing beer with koji for the first time! Anything goes, as long as the base beer is a Saison.

Thanks to everyone who participated! Here are all of the beers submitted to the competition:

  • Ben C’s Creamsicle Saison
  • Aaron’s Peach Mint Saison
  • Jason’s Key Lime Saison
  • Dylan’s Ground Cherry Saison
  • Ancel’s Very Orange Saison
  • Ben R’s Sea Foam Saison
  • Nate’s Jalapeño Saison
  • Hadley’s Seaweed Saison
  • Meag’s Anaheim Chili Saison

And the winner is… Dylan’s Ground Cherry Saision!